21 S. Hope Chapel Road, Jackson, New Jersey 08527, United States


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About Us

The Studio


My name is Shana. That is my Daughter in the photo, she’s Kayley. The studio was named after her. She’s my muse (everybody needs one). ❤️ I’m not into self photos but she doesn’t mind. 

The studio resides where it is because I’m a Jackson girl, I went to school here. When I was young I loved to just sit and draw. It was peaceful. Charcoal was my favorite medium. When I was 15 there was no art studio anywhere I could actually get to. There was nothing nearby. I’ve grown up and enjoyed my life since, I’m not rich but I’ve gone very far. Exploring is everything to me, not just to other countries, I enjoy creating beautiful things from my imagination, trying different things, not just in art. All things. 

The studio was my mind running and exploring but with thought and care. 

-I’m really not good at small talk but if you want to talk about real life, things of beauty, I thrive there. 

I can be to much at times but.. it’s just passion. We paint slow, it’s really about being in another state of mind. We need that, so do you. Some just don’t know it yet. 

-You have to pause sometimes. To just sit. 

Your overworked mind will really appreciate it. 

Painting is that for us. That’s one of the reasons we love it. 

*Fast forward. 

Kayley and I went to the Jackson diner last year, it happens to be her favorite place. I saw a for lease sign which Ive seen for a long, long time, but this time it was different. I looked at it and ideas just came and they have not stopped since. Something happened to me that night, I just started running. 

*There was no creative outlet here before. I just wanted a place for me, a place for the kids, for the adults who still want to learn and explore. I built this studio because I wanted it to exist. My ideas are my own. I’m not done, I’ll never be done. A few people told me I should of never put this place in a small town. I don’t care, I believe there is majesty in doing great things in your own backyard. I can always move, I can make people smile anywhere but I want to do it right here! Yes, I created this studio alone but I built it with each of you in mind. We’re not just making art in here, we are giving people the opportunity to get off their phone and to feel alive, even if for only a moment. We open it each day to you, the public for a portion of the day. Enjoy it, love it, respect it, learn here, play here. Everyone’s invited! 

-these are my words

-that really is my Jeep, she breaks every other day

-we love her anyway