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You don’t need an appointment to paint. We offer plaster, a no fire ceramic. It’s half the price of a traditional ceramics, there are no studio fees. We build it into the price of each piece. 

*You’re suppose to paint because it’s enjoyable, not because you don’t understand the glaze process. Painting can be attainable. 

Its right here. ❤️

We offer plain & pre- sketched canvases for your painting pleasure, a variety of sizes, & options. Its like a coloring page except you paint it. 😊 

We guide you in brush selection and paint to get you started. 

Classes, events, & daily crafts get posted on social media. Follow us. 

*You can always call or email us. 

Don’t want to make art? You can buy some.


We support local makers, artists, and crafters of all kinds. We have shelf space reserved for locals. From candles to coasters. We also buy from small art businesses. From paper to prints.


We only focus on one grand piece @ a time. 

See our spotlight piece in the studio, available for purchase.

4X3‘ Fragmented Photograph on Canvas

By: Tom Birardi 

Vintage Jeep Willy 

Walk In Soliciting is Not Allowed


- We do work with a variety of artists, if you are interested *email* us with a description of your work, merchandise, your background, photos, prices, & availability. *Walk ins to discuss potential opportunities are not permited. Please inquire through email only. 

Our email address is kayleysmenagerie@gmail.com